Why and how to prioritise timeliness when serving customers

Nothing pleases a customer more than when they are served quickly and efficiently. And vice-versa, nothing infuriates a customer more when service takes a long time, especially when it involves something as vital as hiring a car after they've been in a stressful accident or experienced a car breakdown. 

Find out just how much timeliness matters to customers and why companies should invest in improving their speeds when serving customers.

Customers value timeliness 

JD Power found that customers will wait 43.4 minutes for their vehicle to be picked-up and returned.

In any industry, quick customer service is essential for pleasing customers but it is especially so when it comes to car hire companies. In fact, JD Power found that customers are willing to wait 43.4 minutes in total for their vehicle to be picked-up and returned. Here at Swich Rentals, our speedy pick up and drop off service is one of our very top priorities. Because some customers live far away, Swich Rentals aims to deliver or pick up a car direct to or from our customer within two hours. However, the quicker the pick up and drop off, the better, is something we live by. 

During other steps in the car hire process such as simply beginning to serve your customer, JD Power says that customer service falls significantly when the customer has to wait longer than five minutes. Therefore, a car company that tries to talk to customers as quickly as possible will go far.

Companies should streamline communications

Companies can impress customers by putting systems in place that are proven to streamline communications. 

One easy fix that companies can make is to revamp their phone service. This is an important, but often overlooked part of customer service. Anthony Dinis, Founder and CEO of Vocalcom advises that companies prioritise callbacks, most of all. When you implement call backs, you eliminate hold times and the customer is called back as soon as the next agent is available. 

Prioritising callbacks is key to serving your customers better.Prioritising callbacks is key to serving your customers better.

Another good strategy for streamlining communications is to centralise customer data so that a company can easily track a specific customer's journey. Swich Rentals is a master at data management. We have our daily reports that allow us to serve our customers more quickly because we can track the progress of our cars on hire. Customers don't have to explain as much because we have all the relevant details of their cars on hire with us in our daily reports. 

All of this goes to show that simple changes to operations can speed up customer service and significantly improve customer satisfaction. If you're looking for a car hire company that is always striving to be more efficient, look into doing business with Swich Rentals today.