What to look for in a replacement car hire company

Car manufacturers and insurance companies often have to deal with the problem of car breakdowns. But if they can find the right car hire company that is focused on pleasing the customer and able to provide fast replacements, breakdowns are made much less stressful. Find out what to look for in a car hire company and how a door-to-door service is especially helpful.

A car hire company that provides fast replacements

In any industry, the best businesses are those that make concerted efforts to improve the customer service journey, McKinsey and Company wrote. Therefore, a leader of a car hire company who better understands the needs of the customer is more likely to be a disruptive force in the industry. This is particularly the case in our more customer-centric marketplace today.

Look for a car hire company that will provide your customers with provides fast car replacements in the event of a breakdown.Look for a car hire company that prioritises fast replacements in the event of a breakdown.

The rental car industry as a whole has become more preoccupied with providing better services by, for example, providing faster replacements for car brand franchises and roadside assistance providers. Of course, some customers still only care about low prices, but a high-value car hire service increases customer satisfaction and retention, according to Rick Garlick, global travel and hospitality practise lead at J.D. Power.

Door-to-door service makes car hire easier

A rental car company can deliver greater value if has tailored services to serve a particular customer base. This is the case with Swich Rentals, a car rental company in Australia that primarily caters to car manufacturers and insurance companies and designed a door-to-door service specifically useful for these customer bases.

A door-to-door service is a means of optimising a customer's journey. 

Swich Rentals began because the founder, Scott Williams, identified a problem while working for a car brand franchise; he noticed how difficult it was and how long it took for the company to hire a car as a replacement after a breakdown. From there, the idea of Swich Rentals was born; by using Swich's service, manufacturers and insurance companies are able to replace cars more easily and quickly as they are delivered directly to the customer.  

Williams' focus on creating greater convenience is an exception among business leaders, considering Boston Consulting Group's finding that most leaders – about 95 per cent – fail to map out their customer journey from beginning to end. But with an offering like a door-to-door service, Swich Rental succeeds in optimising a customer's journey from start to finish. 

The door-to-door service is a reminder to keep an eye out for car hire businesses that were born out of a desire to please specific customer bases with convenient and fast replacements.