Melbourne Airport Car Hire & Rentals

Flying into Melbourne Airport and Need to Hire a Car? Choose Convenience and Superb Service with Swich Rentals

There’s no denying that flying is one of the most convenient ways to travel, especially when you need to be able to conduct business across long distances. You can’t fly straight to your meeting, though — and that means you’ll always need some way to make it around once you reach your destination. When you fly into Melbourne airport, a car hire service should be easy to find, and your transportation needs should receive the high priority they deserve. When you’re arriving in the dead of night, or you have specific requirements, though, that’s sometimes easier said than done. At Swich Rentals, we’ve dedicated our professional team to a service that provides the convenience you need. Seamlessly transition from flying to driving to your final destination.

At times, the process for arranging car rentals at the Melbourne airport can be confusing, frustrating, or even downright unfriendly to consumers. We’ve seen this happen and we choose to offer a different kind of service, with a system streamlined for customer satisfaction. From the reduced paperwork to the dedicated attention of a single customer service representative, you will be able to hire a car no matter the time of day or night you touch down on the tarmac. If you’re heading to the airport instead of from it, we also offer convenient and competitively priced one-way rentals from our head offices in Warrnambool.

Accessible 24-hour car rentals at the Melbourne airport

Do you need to do lots of driving before you fly back out of the Melbourne airport? Our car rentals come with a free 200 kilometres of travel each day, with a reasonable fee assessed for distances travelled beyond that range. This provides our clients with ample opportunity to meet their daily travel needs without paying excessive extra fees. We also offer spare tyres with each rental to ensure peace of mind while you’re out on the road. Do you have a special request or a tight schedule to keep to during your visit to the city? Let us know in advance. We always look for opportunities to aid our clients during their travel. GPS hire is also available for an additional $30 — get where you’re going and save time with this useful option!

Book your vehicle of choice in advance today

When all you need is a reliable car hire at the Melbourne airport that aligns with your travel schedule, Swich Rentals is here to help. Why make this vital process more complicated than necessary? With a philosophy that puts our customers first, and a drive to always offer the superior service, we think you’ll find this is simply the easiest way to get the vehicle you want to drive while you’re in town for business. Booking is fast and easy — visit us or call upon your arrival, or make a reservation in advance using our easy online form. Questions, or prefer to book over the phone? Reach us on 1300 809 747.