How car brand franchises can get the best car hire services

Car hire companies can relieve dealerships of having to coordinate the specialised and time consuming process of replacing a car that is temporarily off the road due to a breakdown. To get the best of this kind of B2B hire, you want a car hire replacement company that provides the following two services. 

1. One that values a customer's preferences 

Adam Thurman, Group Bodyshops Manager at HR Owen, says that 'like for like' replacement vehicles are one of the main components of offering "an exceptional level of service." After all, people see cars as a reflection of who they are, so it's essential that car hire companies ask the customers about their vehicle in repair and try to provide a very similar car. 

Make sure the company provides like-for-like replacement cars.Make sure the company provides like-for-like replacement cars.

But how do you match a customer's expectations for a car? The car hire company needs intuitive customer service representatives who are adept at listening to their customer's needs to determine which kind of car is a good fit. The goal is to provide a replacement car that minimises disruption in the customer's daily routines as much as possible.

2. One that meticulously plans fleets  

Jim Tennant of The Tennant Group says that the car hire companies that excel the most are also those that prioritise fleet management. Fleet management ensures that different kinds of vehicles are available in case customers want to upgrade their car. 

The best way for a company to manage a fleet is to optimise its use of data. You therefore want a car hire company that concentrates on using data to improve its fleet management operations. In fact, car hire companies can use data to anticipate car hire preferences more than ever because branch managers stated that 61 per cent of their customers are repeat hirers, according to Auto Rental News. 

The key to good fleet management? Two words: Great data.The key to good fleet management? Two words: Great data.

"The best place to start looking into the future is to look at the past or, in this case, your history of renting vehicles," said Mr. Tennant.

Swich Rentals is an example of a company that optimises the use of its data. It has a system of daily reports in place that records customer journeys from start to finish. As a result, Swich Rentals is known for its ability to secure customer loyalty by anticipating repeat customers' needs.

Before you hand over your replacement services to a company, make sure it is highly capable and customer-centric. You want a company that has a proven track record of catering to customer preferences and managing fleets well.