If you have any further questions that we haven’t been able to answer, contact us by any means below

o Toll free 1300 809 747

o International +61 3 5560 5399

o Email: [email protected]

o Facebook: www.facebook.com/swichrentals

o Website: www.swichrentals.com.au

Are there any kilometre restrictions?

All vehicles come with a 200 free kms per day. A standard cost of $0.25 a km thereafter will apply unless otherwise advised and noted on the Rental Agreement.


Can I get the make and model of the car that I prefer?

If there is a particular car you want please let us know when booking. If we have your preference in our fleet and its available on the day, it’s yours.


Can I hire a GPS (satellite navigation)?

Yes. You can pre book your GPS on our website for a standard charge of $30. GPS units are available at all Swich locations.


Can I let other people drive the vehicle?

Yes, but to be covered by insurance they must present their driver’s license to us and be included in your Rental Agreement (before driving the car).


Can I pay cash?

Unfortunately, due to our insurance policy we must take payment and security deposits by credit/ debit cards only. Cash facilities are not available for any transactions.


Can I use someone else’s credit card?

Yes, as long as they are available on the day or prior to sign a credit card authorisation which is part of the rental agreement.


Do I have to pay tolls myself?

All vehicles are registered with RMS e-tolls, please do not use your own E-toll accounts to ensure you are not double charges for any toll usage.


Do I have to return the car full of fuel?

Your car will be full of fuel when you collect it. When you return the car it is up to you if you want to refuel or not. We can refuel the vehicle however a refuelling fee of $20 as well as the cost to refuel will apply. You can refuel the vehicle yourself however please ensure that this is done immediately before dropping off to avoid a further charge.


Do you supply and fit child seats?

Yes of course. We provide baby, child and booster seats for a small fixed cost. We have qualified staff at all locations who are trained to install the seats. These staff don’t work all hours so please pre-book baby seats otherwise you will need to install yourself. Unsure about what size seat us best for your child? Have a read of our child seat safety tips (link to our blog)


How do I extend my rental and will it change my rate?

If a car is available, we’re happy to extend your rental (and yes it may change your rate). Simply call us on 1300 809 747 to discuss your requirements.


If I return the car before the due date can I get a refund?

If the vehicle is returned early we are happy to refund any unused amounts. Please note that your daily rate of hire may increase due to the shorter hire period.


Is there an additional cost for extra driver’s?

A surcharge may apply on certain rates, and a higher surcharge applies us the additional driver is younger than 25. Call 1300 809 747 or review the table of standard fees and charges (link to this table)


What do I need to pay when renting a car?

Rental charges are payable when collecting the car. If using a credit card for payment, we’ll charge the rental as well as a security deposit of $1000. Please ensure your card has at least $1000 in funds available on top of the rental charge.


What do I need to show you when renting a car?


Credit/ Debit card and or purchase order. You’ll also need your driver’s license and the driver’s licenses for anyone wishing to drive. If your driver’s license does not display your current address you will need to supply identification that shows this, i.e. a utilities bill, etc. If you are an overseas driver’s license, have a read of our article that discusses the requirement with international licenses (link to an article in our blog)


What happens if I have an accident?

Tell us about it as soon as possible. Definitely within 24 hours. Make sure you collect all the following details. 

  • Make sure that you collect all the details of any third parties, witnesses and police that attend the scene. Please don’t admit liability
  • If your rental isn’t drivable and the police arrange for it to be towed, make sure you get the name and phone number of the tow truck company and if possible the registration of the tow truck.
  • You will find an accident report form in the glovebox of your car that will walk you through what is required.

For further information on what to do in an accident please check our tips (link to blog)


What happens if I leave something behind?

We make every attempt to recover and return items left behind but accept no liability or responsibility. Any costs incurred are the renter’s responsibility. If you believe you have left something behind, please contact reservations on 1300 809 747 to discuss.


What happens if I lose the keys or lock them in a car?

Call 1300 809 747 and we will give you the number for Roadside Assistance. Note that you are not automatically covered for non-mechanical defects like keys locked in the car, lost keys, flat batteries due to lights being left on and so on. If this situation happens. We ask that you pay the call out fee and $24 for admin. If you lose the key, we will of course provide a replacement, delivery time depends on location and a fee will be charged. Or you can prepay for our Premium Roadside Assistance package (link), at a minimal daily fee. Refer to the table of standard fees and charges (link) for more information.


What happens if I receive a fine?

If we receive a fine on your behalf, we complete a statutory declaration and the fine is sent out to you at the address provided. We charge a $55 admin fee for this service (without notice) to the card provided at the time of the rental. Unfortunately, we can’t accept your payment for the fine, only the admin fee.


What if I decline the damage liability reduction options?

If you choose not to purchase any liability reduction options, this makes you liable for the full cost of the liability that applies to your rental in the event of an accident or damage to the car.


What if I get a flat tyre?

All our vehicles come with a spare tyre and we ask that you change this yourself (vehicle manual in glovebox). If you need to use our Roadside Assistance service, the call-out fee will be passed onto you. Or you can pre-pay for our Premium Roadside Assistance Package (link), at a minimal daily fee. Refer to the table of standard fees and charges (link) for more information.


What if I need roadside assistance?

It doesn’t matter how new or old a vehicle s, breakdowns happen and you need to be prepared for when they do. When you rent a vehicle from Swich you automatically receive 24-hour roadside assistance for any mechanical faults that may occur for the duration of the rental period. The details of who to call are on the car key tag. If you would rather be covered for anything from lost keys to punctured tyres and running out of fuel, you can prepay for our Premium Roadside Assistance (link to costs). It’s a small daily fee for complete piece of mind. Refer to our table of standard fees and charges (link to standard fees) for more information. The most common causes of vehicle breakdowns, what the symptoms are and what you should do if they happen can be read here (link to blog post)


What is a security bond?

This is an amount deducted from your credit card at the time of rental to be held as security against any further charges whilst you are renting with us.


What’s a premium location fee (PLF)?

It’s another surcharge from our competitors for rentals collected from airport and other certain downtown locations. Not with Swich, it’s a part of our all-inclusive rate quoted up front.


What’s a vehicle registration recovery fee (RRF)?

It’s a surcharge to cover our vehicle registration and compulsory third party insurance costs. This fee is normally hidden as an extra cost by our competitors but with us it is a part of our all-inclusive rate quoted up front.


What’s damage liability reduction?

Check out our article on damage liability, explained here. (link to blog)


What’s the minimum amount of days I can rent a car for?

Rentals are charged on a 24 hr period. A 59-minute grace period applies to most rentals, after which additional hours or days will be charged.


What’s the minimum rental age?

The minimum age is 21. Note that drivers younger than 25 are required to pay a surcharge and can only rent small to medium sized sedans and hatchbacks.

For more information, have a read of our article about young drivers and hiring a car (link to blog post)


Will Swich deliver our hire vehicle?

Yes, we certainly can! We work directly with our customers to arrange suitable delivery times direct to your workplace or home. Some conditions may apply so be sure to speak with one of our consultants on 1300 809 747 to discuss your requirements.


Won’t my credit card cover it?

Yes, some credit card providers do offer protection if you present that card at the time of rental. If unsure, please look closely as the terms of this coverage is often supplemental and certain limitations or restrictions may apply. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle you are liable for the damage liability shown on your Rental Agreement (even if you have credit card cover). You’ll need to claim this back from the credit card provider yourself to be reimbursed.