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Swich Rentals has become the number one choice for businesses. With a wide range of benefits to our customers to ensure a smooth and easy transaction. Swich Rentals is the only hire car company that offers all of the services below.

Consistent Pricing – Swich will have consistent pricing 365 days of the year with no increases during peak times and pricing is based on timeframe and vehicle type so you will know exactly what you will pay.

Direct Contact – Corporate customers will have a direct contact Swich member and will immediately get an answer on supply to ensure swift action and customer satisfaction.

Logistics Management – Corporate customers have a direct contact with a Swich member to immediately give advice on time frames to logistically have vehicles supplied to direct to you or your customers, reducing time wasting and receiving immediate answers.

Customer handling – Our reservations team will work directly with the appropriate staff handling the hire to ensure smooth vehicle extensions as required minimising any disruption to your staff.

Daily Reports – Swich will email a daily report of all vehicles on hire including vehicles requiring extension to the appropriate teams handling the hire of vehicles for immediate reference and a more streamlined process.


10 Reasons manufactorers use Swich