What is Swich Rentals’ On the Road Program?

Swich Rentals' On the Road Program is a dependable, quick and friendly car rental service. We are a speciality car rental company that helps car manufacturers and insurance companies get their off-the-road customers back on the road in no time by supplying like-for-like vehicles. 

Learn more about this service and why our customers report such high levels of satisfaction. 

We make things easier for you 

By handling all of the details of the rental vehicle's delivery and pick up, we're able to streamline the process and cut out any inconvenience for the customer. In fact, all you have to do is notify us of a car off the road, and then we will take over from there. 

"Having a car delivered and collected at a time and place that suits me is the point of difference."

Kane Horwii, a Swich Rentals customer, said, "Having a car delivered and collected at a time and place that suits me is the point of difference that will make me choose Swich in the future."

We also know how important it is that your customers are driving your vehicles, which is why we work with you and invest in your own manufactured vehicles. We go to great lengths to support your dealer network. 

Our service is highly customisable, too. We provide daily reports so that you can keep track of any details you require of the vehicles you have on hire and are relevant to your company. We also let you decide how you want invoices prepared and how your customer care department processes the vehicles.

Our excellent customer service skills

A recent survey showed that Swich Rentals scored more than 98 percent in all four areas of key customer satisfaction indicators. When you rent with Swich Rentals, your customers become our customers, too. This can take the burden off of your company to coordinate the intricacies involved in ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Being readily available to talk is key to great customer service. So, if you have any questions, our customers service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can expect an instant response for questions about supply and availability. 

We have highly attentive customer service representatives.We have highly attentive customer service representatives.

We stay in direct contact with customers to ensure that we fulfil all our promises. Our representatives provide realistic estimated delivery times by using Quicktrak GPS Tracking. We're excellent at frequent communication so your customers are never left in the dark.  

Swich Rentals was born out of an ideal to improve service for car manufacturers, and we adhere to this principle as a core driver of our business. Contact us today to learn more about our On the Road program. We look forward to hearing from you.