What is a car hire service designed for car manufacturers?

Innovation and specialisation in customer service are at the core of every successful business, and this is certainly true with the rise of car rental services for manufacturers. Find out what it entails and the reasons manufacturers use a car hire service such as this.

A service that involves handling your customer service

A corporate car hire service for manufactures should save them all the hassle of dealing with customer service. If a client is off the road due to a car breakdown, attentive service is a must, and manufacturers may lack the time and resources to give their full attention to the customer in this situation.

A corporate car hire service is a way to improve your a business's service.A corporate car hire service is a way to improve customer satisfaction.

The founder of Swich Rentals, Scott Williams, was able to formulate customer service that adds value for manufacturers because he used to work in the car manufacturing industry. Ever since its founding, his company has been improving communication with off-the-road customers and relieving manufacturers of this complex process. 

Swich Rentals also delivers and picks up the hired car so that your customer doesn't even need to come in to one of the rental facilities. This not only saves time, but also makes the customer's life easier.

Auto Rental News says that this kind of collaboration between different sectors has become key to the auto industry as a whole. If a rental car company takes over the key parts of a manufacturer's off-the-road service, it means that each company can focus on its core competencies. 

A service that invests in your cars

In addition, this service can relieve manufacturers of the annoyance of finding a like-for-like replacement vehicle. Chris Brown of Auto Rental News explains that car hire companies are adept at investing in manufacturers' vehicles: 

"The layman underappreciates rental companies' mastery of fleet management, honed through generations of hands-on experience." 

Corporate car hire companies invest in manufacturers' fleets.Corporate car hire companies invest in manufacturers' fleets.

Brown explains that the car hire companies have become experts at effective fleet investment because this is the one unwavering element of the the car rental industry.

They invest so much in fleets because like-for-like car replacements have become increasingly important to customers; people become attached to their specific car brand and model, so manufactures want a car hire service that will do everything in its power to match their specific vehicles.

A speciality car hire service for manufactures is overall designed to help auto manufacturers deliver better service to their off-the-road customers. This type of car hire company thinks of themselves as collaborators as they work with each manufacturer to understand their individual needs and make the process of replacing vehicles far easier.