Rare hypercars may soon have a home in NSW

We know a thing or two about speed here at Swich Rentals – our fast customer service is one thing we're incredibly proud of. Yet something that rivals even our speed may be set to hit the streets of New South Wales, should a revised bill pass in parliament later this year – rare, left-hand-drive hypercars.

Under the new bill, a vehicle would only need to meet one of six criteria to be imported as a specialist or enthusiast vehicle. Most hypercars would meet either the performance (110 kilowatts per tonne in 1992, with each year after requiring an additional one kilowatt per tonne) or rarity (worldwide production of the specific make, model or variant less than 3,000, 1,000 or 100 units per year respectively) standards. Left-hand-drive models – as many of the rarest hypercars are – will not have to be changed to right-hand-drive if imported through the rarity standard.

Here are some of the incredible left-hand-drive machines we could be seeing on the streets of NSW by 2019.

Bugatti Chiron

As the successor to the fastest production car in the world (the Bugatti Veyron) the Chiron had a huge pair of shoes to fill. Thankfully for Volkswagen (Bugatti's parent company), as of March 2017, 250 of the 500 units slated for production had been sold, Road & Track reported. And with only 70 vehicles being produced each year, those that order now won't be receiving their cars until at least 2020. With a top speed of 420 km/h, the Chiron is definitely nothing to sniff at.

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McLaren P1

A marvel of auto-engineering wizardry, the P1 was able to lap the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife track in under seven minutes, according to McLaren. To the uninitiated, this is seriously quick. The last Formula One race to be held at the track was in 1976 and the winner of that race managed only a seven minute, six second lap time.

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Ferrari LaFerrari

The idea behind the LaFerrari was simple – build the best road-legal Ferrari ever made. With performance numbers like a sub 3-second 0-100 km/h, a top speed over 350 km/h and 950 bhp, it would seem they hit their mark. Only 499 have been – and will be – built and they've been sold out for some time, making this the ultimate Ferrari collector's item.

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While the team at Swich Rentals is not likely to be adding Ferraris and Bugattis to its fleet anytime soon, we appreciate amazing technology and engineering as much as anyone. If you'd like to find out more about how we can serve you or your business, get in touch today.