Why car manufacturers should hire like-for-like vehicles

Like-for-like replacement vehicles improve customer satisfaction.

Discover why car manufacturers should invest in like-for-like replacement vehicle services that satisfy customers’ loyalty to certain car brands.

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What FIFO workers can gain from long-term car hire

FIFO workers should look into using long-term car hire.
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Why and how to prioritise timeliness when serving customers

Learn how to make your customer service more efficient.
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How car brand franchises can get the best car hire services

Find out what kind of car hire services car dealerships should look for.

Discover two qualities that care brand franchises should be on the look out for if they want to get the best car hire replacement services out there.

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Want a car hire company that goes the extra mile?

Get a car hire company that will go that extra mile to satisfy their customers.
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How can Australian customer service help clients in a tough situation?

When customers are in distress, the quality of your service can improve or escalate the situation.

Your customer service has the potential to make a difficult situation better or worse. Here’s how we can help you help your customers.

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What can help create driver loyalty?

Why are people so loyal to certain car brands?
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What to look for in a replacement car hire company

Find out what the most successful car hire companies offer their car brand franchise customers.

Discover what services the best car hire companies offer such as fast door-to-door delivery service after a breakdown. 

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How could smart cars be more safety-smart than humans?

Without humans in control, the main cause of accidents - human error - could be majorly reduced.
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What are two things that millennials want in a car?

Find out why millennials find renting a car to be an affordable and efficient means of transport.
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