How car manufacturers can increase customer satisfaction

Nothing pleases customers more than fast, but still high quality service. Manufacturers have started trying to speed up and enhance the way they help off-the-road customers by working with car hire companies that offer like-for-like car hire replacement services. Such B2B services are a great way to make customers feel more secure after experiencing a car breakdown. 

To improve your company's reputation in the eyes of your customers, perhaps it's worth considering a like-for-like car hire replacement service.

The need for speed to increase customer satisfaction 

Using a car hire replacement service ensures that your customers are attended to more quickly in the event of a vehicle breakdown. This is the case when you use Swich Rentals, a car hire company that you can completely outsource the replacement service to. They handle the entire process from start to finish, which means they can give their full attention to your customer and get them back on the road more quickly.

Replacement services get your customer back on the road more quickly.Replacement services get your customer back on the road more quickly.

However, delivering fast service is an exact science that requires constant attention to how quickly you are working, while still maintaining the quality of your service. 

Speaking to Auto Rental News, Neil Abrams, president of Abrams Consulting Group Inc., said that "companies that are obsessed with numbers have the best shot at success." 

Swich Rentals is an example of a company obsessed with numbers, as they closely monitor their car delivery times using daily reports. Because of their dedication to providing quick service, they're usually able to deliver and pick up a replacement car directly from a customer's door within two hours of being called.

A way to cater to customers' car preferences

A like-for-like replacement service can also help manufacturers accommodate customers' car preferences. This is more important than you would think, and all comes down to one basic tenet of satisfying customers: Knowing who you are serving. 

PwC strategists Thomas Ripsam and Louis Bouqet explain that knowing a customer on a "granular level" is crucial. In Scott Williams' case, he created Swich Rentals after years of working in the manufacturing industry and is deeply familiar with how they typically manage their fleets. 

Make sure your customers have an appropriately-sized replacement vehicle.Make sure your customers have an appropriately-sized replacement vehicle.

Swich Rentals can match manufacturers' fleets, which makes providing a like-for-like car much easier. In turn, you can satisfy customers by giving them a vehicle similar to their original one that is big enough for the whole family, for example. 

This service is designed to help you better serve your customers. It not only makes sure that the customer is helped more quickly, but it also makes them feel that you're attune to their specific needs. If you find you're struggling to provide quick and easy like-for-like car replacements, look into working with a car hire replacement company today.