Green Fleet Elite: How are we making Swich Rentals fleet more eco-friendly?

'Carbon footprint'. It's a term that gets bandied about ever more frequently these days, but, even so, not everyone is entirely sure what it means. Simply put, a carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas released into the Earth's atmosphere by an individual, business, or household – by just about anything!

In Australia, the government has laid out several initiatives for homeowners, business and other organisations to do everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint. After all, improving the health of our planet can only be a good thing – both for those currently living here, and for future generations. 

The future of the Earth is in our hands.The future of the Earth is in our hands.

With this in mind, taking the necessary steps to improve the eco-friendly factor of a fleet is becoming increasingly pertinent – which is why we at Swich Rentals are always looking to lower our carbon footprint in any way we can. This is how we do it.

Green fleet

Of course, the first step to reducing any fleet's carbon emissions is to figure out just how eco-friendly they really are. Many of the manufacturers that we have a professional relationship with, including Kia, Citroen and Peugeot, make a big point of making cars with a green factor at their core.

Even our larger vehicles, such as the Nissan Navara 4×4, features an Eco Mode that gives it a greater fuel efficiency.

Hybrid models are very much in vogue in this day and age, and this is something reflected in our choice of vehicles – gas-guzzling, fume-belching beasts are on their way out. Even our larger vehicles, such as the Nissan Navara 4×4, feature an Eco Mode for greater fuel efficiency – unheard of in years gone by.

At Swich Rentals, we also place a big emphasis on the continued upkeep and maintenance of our vehicles. Left uncared for, engines, exhausts and other integral parts of a vehicle's makeup can become inefficient and problematic, which can only add to their carbon footprint.

Our professional team regularly inspects the fleet, ensuring that any issues are swiftly and effectively dealt with. From simple maintenance measures such as monitoring the oil and tyre pressure, right through to complete health checks, everything is done to keep our fleet in tip-top condition.This enables us to deliver cars to our customers that not only sing like a dream, but keep our planet smiling, too.

Swich Rentals' impeccable fleet management practices also mean that we can deliver our customers an exemplary car of their choosing, and can also do at at practically any time of the day. You never know what problems might crop up, so it gives our customers extra reassurance to know that a fresh car is just a phone call or email away.