How to make your customer’s vehicle repair pain-free

What can you do to improve customer service when their vehicle's being repaired?

It can be difficult for a vehicle manufacturer to keep their customers happy. Once a vehicle's purchased, returning to the dealer often involves further monetary outlays for things like repairs and servicing. What's the best way to make these visits pain-free? Here are three things all manufacturers should do. 1. Be prompt with communication Sloppiness in […]

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How car manufacturers can increase customer satisfaction

How can you make sure your customers are giving you five stars?

Discover how using a car hire replacement service is a way that car manufacturers can improve their customer satisfaction and retention rates.

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Rare hypercars may soon have a home in NSW

Proposed NSW law changes would allow rare hypercars to be imported.

We know a thing or two about speed here at Swich Rentals – our fast customer service is one thing we're incredibly proud of. Yet something that rivals even our speed may be set to hit the streets of New South Wales, should a revised bill pass in parliament later this year – rare, left-hand-drive hypercars. Under the […]

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The importance of snappy service

Why is speed of product delivery important in a business?

The technology of the 21st century has changed our expectations around how long it should take to get things done. In times past, you would send a letter in the post and expect a reply within weeks – now, with email, we expect a reply within hours. Once upon a time, you had to wait […]

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What is a car hire service designed for car manufacturers?

What is a car hire service specifically made for manufacturers?

Find out how a car hire company that specifically caters to manufactures is truly unique and why manufacturers should consider this specialised service.

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What is Swich Rentals’ On the Road Program?

Need cars back on the road? Learn about Swich Rentals' service.
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How soon can we expect autonomous and self-driving cars?

What will cars be like in five years time?
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Green Fleet Elite: How are we making Swich Rentals fleet more eco-friendly?

Even our largest cars have an eco-friendly factor.
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Narrowing your options and choosing the right car for you

Make sure you have the right contract for you.
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Ford changes how customers access software updates

Ford drivers could now update their software on the go.
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